Kicking it in the dick: 2017

The Canberra Times says “Canberra Burlesque Performer, Jazida, has a busy start to 2017″…. and boy are they right!!!


Building on from the 8 shows which I produced/co-produced last year, I’m launching a new series of shows for 2017!

I’m continuing to produce and MC Arabian Nights approximately once every 3 months at Polit Bar in Manuka. These are belly dance showcases, with no burlesque. These will be running on 27 January, 19 May, 11 August and 10 November in 2017. These shows feature local performer and special interstate guests. In 2016, we were lucky enough to have Jrisi and Jamil both join us from Sydney. 2017 has more wonderful interstate performers on the cards! Stay posted for more details! Tickets for sale through Eventbrite!

arabian-369.jpgArabian Nights - Jan poster.jpgarabian-3.jpg

I’ve launched a new show at the LoBrow Gallery and Cafe! This will run on 28 January and if it’s a success, I may run a few more in the future! Stay posted! Tickets available through Eventbrite! While the gorgeous Camilla Cream is in town performing at High Brow at the LoBrow with us, she’ll teach at feather fan workshop which I’m facilitating at the Canberra Dance Theatre.

draft poster high brow.jpg

fans with camilla.jpg

I’m very excited to be launching a new series of events which I’ve dubbed the “Party with Jazida” series! These events are fun parties! Each party will feature interactive fun and games, live performances including interstate guests (bit of burlesque, live music, drag, magic… anythings possible), costumes and best dressed competitions, themes and decorations through the venue and will be followed by an after party where you can kick on with the cast and crew! The parties booked for 2017 are The Alice in Wonderland Party  on 10 February, The Pin Up Party on 16 June, the Rocky Horror Party on 20 October! Tickets available through Eventbrite!

Party with Jazida in 2017.jpgAlice in Wonderland poster.jpg

While Lenore Noire and Rosetta Sterling are in town performing at The Alice in Wonderland Party, they will run some workshops which I am facilitating. Workshops on offer include: Mesmerising Make Up, Feather Fans for Neo and Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling.

I’m also continuing to run my classes at the Canberra Dance Theatre! First term back is a fan veil class and we’re working on a great little choreo to “Till it kills me” by Montaigne. Classes are $22 each (less with concession) and are open to everyone – students don’t even have to pre-book a term – just show up to a class and pay on the day! All students are guaranteed performance opportunities and a whole lot of fun!

2017 Fan Veil Poster.jpg

Along with these new productions and classes in 2017, I’m excited about lots of other performing and teaching! We’re three weeks in to the year and I’ve already got back in to the swing of things! So far I’ve:

  • Had a great bellydance shift (under my real name, as I always do outside of burlesque)
  • Taught a jam-packed workshop for Ausdance ACT Move Up
  • Taught a great workshop with as part of the Ghawazeemoon Bellydance School summer series
  • Performed in “Creatures of the Night” at the National Portrait Gallery (3 dance acts and 3 live music numbers with Tammy Paks)

I’m also very excited for a few more things in the pipeline:

Outside of dance, I’ve also been busy making music! I’m continuing rehearsals with Inkbits as part of our Undresden Dolls/Dethroned Dullness collab and am also still making regular music with Tammy Paks! More musical performances to come as well!


If you’re interested in staying in the loop with my movements – productions, performances, classes, workshops and more! Make sure to follow me on facebook and instagram – or flick me an email and I’ll add you to a mailing list!



2016 in Review

2016 has been an incredible year for Jazida- Intense and brilliant and wonderful!14706784_1402447349782944_8401404429633577547_o.jpg

I’ve worked harder than in probably sane, but have reaped wonderful benefits and connected with incredible people! I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported me and for the wonderful dance, performer and burlesque community!

Some highlights for 2016 include:

  • winning Baby Bombshells as part of the Australian Burlesque Festival
    (21st Century Burlesque says “Circus contr13403268_1058630990863039_6991111862392591621_o.jpgaption, quick change, fierce dancing mixed with her years of belly dancer musical timing, and a face that you couldn’t tear your eyes from.”)
  • winning Miss Burlesque ACT20160910_Miss_Burlesque_ACT_2016_1317.JPG
  • winning Miss Fantastic (best fan dancer) as part of Miss Burlesque Australia
  • coming 2nd runner up in the national grand final of Miss Burlesque Australia15196108_1441462202548125_9082547035095538527_o.jpg
  • performing in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Wollongong and Newcastle

Some of my proudest stats for 2016 include:

  • performing 49 shows (in 52 weeks!) – a combination of burlesque, belly dancing, live music and fan veils/feather fans
  • taught 11 workshops and private classes and 37 weekly classes at the Canberra Dance Theatre
  • Produced/co-produced 8 shows (works out to a production approximately once ever 1.5 months)

Such a full on year – but I’m so thankful for every opportunity I’ve been given! Feeling ready for 2017 to kick my ass again!


14682112_1691110911205522_2261131674649571773_o.jpg2016-08-18 20.12.41.jpg